High-Res Audio

With the increasing interest in high resolution audio (Pono, HDTracks, etc.) , we are happy to offer a variety of products for those of you enjoy listening to music in its purest form.  All of our HighRes files are the real thing - music captured at its source at high sample/bit rates, not up-sampled versions of lower resolution files.

Depending on what material may be available for any given project, we will be offering a variety of formats from different points in the artists' creative process.   Some examples:

  • High Resolution PCM Master
    • These masters will be native 24 bit, at various sample rates (48, 96, 192k), depending upon what the mastering engineer chose at the time.  They will likely be .wav files, and are easily played by a variety of devices/software. The source for these masters are mixes, which may have come from high resolution digital track files, or from analog tape.
    • Another source for new high res masters are older, back-catalog masters stored on analog tape. In the olden days, the sequence was - track to tape, mix down to 2 channel tape, master to 2 channel tape.  Many of those master tapes still exist - they make great candidates to be transferred to high res digital.
  • DSD Masters
    • Some say the best quality there is.  There aren't too many mastering engineers that master to this format because it requires specific hardware, but if we can make it happen, we will.
    • You will need specific equipment/software to play these files - but it is becoming more prevalent (Sony in particular).
    • Sources for DSD are potentially the same as High Res PCM but again, it requires that the mastering engineer possesses and uses DSD hardware
  • Mixes
    • Mixes are what the artists and producers listen to oh, maybe a million times before the music goes to the mastering engineer.  Sometimes, the mixes actually sound better than the final masters.  They are usually recorded at a nice, high resolution - then they go to the mastering house where they are compressed, eq'd, and 'dumbed down' to a lower sample/bit rate (i.e. CD quality).  So, the mixes represent high audio quality, and a moment in time that is captured prior to 'finishing' at the mastering house.  Definitely fun to listen to.
  • Alternate Mixes
    • Sometimes there is more than one mix for a song.  Sometimes, a LOT more than one.  An alternate mix could contain a longer instrumental, extra verses, an edgier vibe, a stripped down vibe - whatever.  Fun to hear.
    • Instrumental mixes
      • Used largely for TV/Film placement, they are great to listen to.  Songs take on a different character without the vocals, and the instrumentation comes to the forefront.