An introductory offer from Big Bend Records for Texas Music Magazine readers!



The Texas Music family (Texas Music Magazine, Viva Big Bend, Austin Signal, Texas Music Live! and Big Bend Records) is committed to helping Texas-based artists create and promote their work.  We're very excited to present our 4 inaugural Big Bend Recording Artists to you, our readers.  

For a limited time, we are offering new releases (CD or digital download) from all 4 of our inaugural artists at a discounted price...and in addition, you'll receive one of our hard-to-find, award-winning, head-turning, coolest-logo-in-the-world T-shirts.   Hard to believe, but true.  

So take a listen to a sample of these fine artists below; they are all different, but that's the point.  Texas Music comes in all forms.  What they do have in common is that they are all great.  

All CD's are 100% guaranteed to make you happier, more attractive, more likable, less irritable, and generally a better person....or your money back.

The T-shirts are super-hi quality cotton, and will fit everyone perfectly. 


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Inaugural BBR Artists

MP3 Albums

+ Big Bend Records T-shirt


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from each of 4 inaugural artists + Big Bend Records T-shirt


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